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Ranked! The Best Monster Movies of All Time

Photo: Universal Pictures

Summer has always been a time for monster movies. Well, at least since the 1970s. This has been the case since Jaws hit the summer scene in 1975, becoming the first-ever summer blockbuster. And while not every monster movie comes out between June and September, it’s difficult to beat the appeal of a great monster flick on a summer night, especially if you manage to catch one outside on a giant blow-up screen in a park or on a beach.

And since it’s the height of the summer and Hulu just premiered Prey, the newest Predator film, we figured the stars are aligned to finally list the best monster movies of all time. And not only did we list them, but we also ranked these films about blood-thirsty sharks, sand worms, Lovecraftian creatures, and otherworldly creepers. Keep scrolling to see them all.