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Ranked! The Best Kevin Smith Movies to Watch While We Wait For ‘Clerks 3’

Photo: Lions Gate Films 

Most people who grew up in the ’90s (or are fans of slacker comedies) have seen Clerks. If you’re not an avid Kevin Smith fan, you might not have even realized there was a Clerks 2. Well, there was, and it came out in 2006. That’s not all that is going to blow your mind. There’s a Clerks 3, and it’s coming out on Sept. 13.

But Smith doesn’t just direct Clerk-centric films. He’s had a whole slew of projects since the first Clerks movie came out way back in 1994. And, in honor of the third installment of the franchise, we thought it would be appropriate to rank some of his best movies. Keep scrolling to see if your favorite made the list.