Florida Man Upset With Extra Fare Head-Butts Bus And Knocks Himself Out

Odds are this wasn’t the guy’s first poor life decision.

According to WTSP, some idiot in Winter Haven who didn’t want to pay an extra two dollars in bus fare over the weekend decided to head-butt the bus instead and knocked himself out in the process.

The man exited the bus at one terminal Saturday morning, but several minutes later, he changed his mind and wanted back on. The driver told him he would have to pay an extra two bucks, and that chapped the guy’s ass something fierce. You know, the kind of fierce where you walk away for several minutes and then come back to head-butt the bus and shatter the glass.

Thankfully, security cameras captured everything.

We are by no means math majors, but this clown’s medical bills and/or fines are most likely going to be more than two bucks.

Winter Haven police are still looking for the man, who is described as “about 5-foot-9 with a slim build and wearing glasses” who was wearing “slip-on shoes with socks, dark green or gray shorts and a T-shirt with the graphic ‘Ounces 40’ on the front.”

And without seeing the incident in person, that is exactly the t-shirt I would have expected a guy who knocks himself out from head-butting a bus to be wearing.

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