Grown Man Tries To Fight 14-Year-Old, Quickly Gets Punched In The Face

This dude got slugged by a kid. You can’t move on from that, that’s for sure.

It all kicked off when 14-year-old Conner Jackson’s 12-year-old brother got into an argument over a scooter with another boy, in what sounds like just two kids being idiots. But then a bigger idiot shows up when the other boy’s father appears, and tells his son to “‘knock him out.” That’s right, a grown man his telling his pre-teen son to knock out some kid. “F*** him up, batter him now, give me your bag, beat him up,” the man adds.

Conner stands in the back, but of course the grown man turns to him and says: “You’re his brother are you? How old are you?” And don’t worry, the other boy’s mom also chimes in: “You are f****** lucky that I ain’t battering you you little p****.” Classy folks.

It gets more classy as this grown man attacks Conner, but Conner, who has been doing martial arts for four years, is prepared. Check out the whole video below, as the fight kicks off at about 1:00.

What a pathetic showing by that guy. You can also see Conner slug another dude, who is thought to be the other guy’s older son. This family is clearly just a bunch of walking dumpsters. Unfortunately for Conner, that tool throws a scooter at him which results in Conner getting a cut on his forehead. That’s right, a grown man throws a scooter at a kid. And he’s wearing a tracksuit, which obviously means he’s a massive tool.

Here’s what Conner’s dad, Nathan had to say:

“The way he looked and the way he acted, I grew up on the streets so I understand people and he would have gone for it to put fear into the kids on the skate park.

He was quite happy enough for his kid to beat up another 12-year-old and obviously he wanted a piece of that action so he was looking for the next biggest person.”

His little brother is in the wrong and he deserved to be told off but I’d never have spoken to him the way that they did, swearing at him and threatening to bang him and knock him out and he’s on about getting his son to beat him up.

I’ve always said to Connor, if ever you’re on the streets and something happens you’ll have to be careful in what you’re doing because you can hurt somebody – you need to keep control of things.”

According to Nathan, police officers, who happened to be passing the area, spoke to Conner but Connor did not want to pursue charges.

And now everyone knows that dude needed a scooter to defend himself from a kid.

h/t Daily Mail

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