Watch What Happens When This 102-Year-Old Woman Tries to Blow Out Her Candles

She might be 102 years old, but Nonnie still knows how to party.

According to the Irish Examiner, a Connecticut woman attempting to blow out the candles on her birthday cake over the weekend instead blew out what was left of her dentures adhesive and spit out her false teeth in the process.

Lynsey Addario gathered with other family members on Mother’s Day to help celebrate her grandmother’s 102nd birthday and captured the hilarity from another angle before posting it to her Instagram page.

A video posted by @lynseyaddario on

From both angles, it looks like Nonnie is still a real hoot to be around after all this time.

And she should find solace in knowing that her dentures debacle wasn’t the strangest part of those videos. I mean, who dropped the ball and brought Starbucks to a party in the Northeast? Everybody knows that is Dunkin’ Donuts territory. I hope they learned their lesson after this debaucle. That’s right, I said debaucle.

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