Woman in a Wheelchair Won a Treadmill on ‘The Price is Right’

Geez. Why not throw in a hiking trip to the Swiss Alps while you’re at it?

According to CNBC, a woman in a wheelchair on Tuesday’s episode of “The Price is Right” won two prizes thanks to her top-notch pricing skills. The first was a sauna, which is a real treat for anybody as long as they aren’t made of ice.

The second prize? You guessed it: A treadmill.

Hundreds of people took to Twitter to express their outrage over what has to be one of the most awkward moments in game show history, even though it was probably just the result of the stage and studio being so small that they rarely have more than one prize package on full display at one time.

Still, producers and studio execs are now going to have to deal with tweets like these for quite some time:

It’s a lot nicer when you give your contestants handjobs instead of antagonizing them with prizes they’ll never be able to use: Is This a Japanese Game Show Where Contestants Get Handjobs While Singing Karaoke?


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