Watch Ronda Rousey Break a Dude’s Ribs After He Says She Can’t Compete With a Man

There are only two rules you need to follow to ensure you make it through your life without getting your ass kicked. First, mind your own business. And second, do not enrage the world’s best female MMA fighter by telling her she doesn’t have what it takes to compete with a man.

This clown recently broke rule #2, and as a result, Ronda Rousey broke his ribs.

Rousey’s most recent competitor at UFC 184 lasted a mere 14 seconds before tapping out because of a nasty straight armbar, but apparently she deserves way more credit for that effort. I mean, this guy didn’t even last half of that amount.

It looks like this guy won’t be hitting the sheets with Rousey in this lifetime: Ronda Rousey Needs a Real Man to Throw Around