Braves Fan Takes Foul Ball to the Face

It’s the biggest catch-22 in baseball: Do you bring a glove to the ballpark when you’re a grown man and spend the entire game getting laughed at because you’re a huge dork, or do you risk injury attempting to catch a foul ball hit in your direction because you have zero athletic ability?

An Atlanta Braves fan chose the latter at last night’s Braves-Nationals game, and he paid the price for it:

Because the Braves are terrible, only a dozen or so fans were seated in a section that had a foul ball hit in its direction in the top of the fifth inning. As you can see, one of those spectators decided to use his hat in an effort to haul it in, but like most people wearing Tom Glavine shirts these days who aren’t really Tom Glavine, he didn’t catch it.

Well, I guess you could technically say he caught it … in that he caught it with his face:

The guy looked pretty dazed when they cut to a live shot several minutes later, but hey, at least he didn’t look like an absolute nerd like the old guy sporting a yellow shirt and baseball glove two rows behind him.

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