Homer Simpson Embraces ‘Pokemon Go’ In New ‘The Simpsons’

If you live in the U.S. right now, there is no escape from Pokémon Go. It’s players are everywhere, and it’s immensely popular with a wide variety of fans. Who knows how long its popularity will last? For now, Pokémon is king again. That’s not a bad a way to kick off the 20th anniversary of the franchise!

Because The Simpsons is animated months or even years ahead of time, it would usually take a season or two for the show to catch up with the latest pop culture phenomena. But guess what? The Simpsons already has the perfect Pokémon Go parody video lined up barely a few weeks after the game’s release! 

There is a catch, of course. This is actually a clip from “A Tree Grows in Springfield,” an episode that aired in 2012 during the 24th season. As originally aired, Homer Simpson was actually obsessing over a parody of Apple’s iPhone. It wasn’t a particularly great episode, but the selected scene works perfectly. As before, Home is so engrossed by his phone that he can’t make any time for his children at the zoo, even when his inaction places them in danger.

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Now, there have been some who have questioned whether this video is in good taste because of its unintended echo of an unfortunate incident with a gorilla a few weeks ago. Just keep in mind that this clip is almost four years old, and it had nothing to do with happened the gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo.

The Simpsons season 28 will debut on Sunday, September 25 on Fox.

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Photo Credit: Fox


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