Another Florida Boy Climbed Inside A Claw Machine And Walked Away With Toys

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution 

Some people will do whatever it takes to get their hands on a good deal. Hell, anything less than two dozen fistfights on Black Friday is considered lame these days.

And apparently that desire to win at all costs can consume the brains of children as well as adults, as seen here by a Florida boy who recently decided to bypass the con of putting dollar after dollar into a claw machine only to come up empty-handed every single time. His solution to that problem? You guessed it – he just climbed into the machine through the prize hole.

According to HuffPost, a young boy known only as Mason had a better time than most Wednesday night at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Titusville. An off duty firefighter told Mason’s mother to call 911, and his pals arrived a short while later to take care of the situation. Their efforts could be classified as impressive, as it took them less than five minutes to free Mason from the machine.

Photo: Facebook/Titusville Fire Department

Both Mason and the claw machine were able to escape the situation unharmed, and Mason was even able to walk out of the restaurant with a football and several other toys that he ganked from inside the machine.

The lesson learned here? Yup, it pays to be a conniving little shit. I mean, if you’re able to leave the restaurant with a few toys in hand instead of stealing five bucks from your mom’s purse and leaving empty-handed, why wouldn’t you climb inside for free? Good work, Mason. You’re  a modern-day trailblazer.

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