73-Year-Old Woman Caught With 8 Grams Of Cocaine Because You’ve Never Too Old To Party

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In no way, shape or form am I advocating cocaine use, but if you’re 73-years-old and have lived a good life there is no reason you shouldn’t go out and live it up. And that’s exactly what 73-year-old Texas woman Andrea Flores did.

Flores was recently arrested and charged with two counts of manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance after police walked in on her weighing and packaging cocaine while conducting a drug raid. That’s right, grandma was in charged of packaging all that coke up.

Police executed a narcotic warrant at Flores’s home and that’s when police walked in on Flores watching TV and handling the coke.

Photo: JWC Sherriff’s Office

Photo: JWC Sherriff’s Office

“She was actually caught in processing and packaging the items,” JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno. said. “This goes to show that when it comes to a criminal element anyone can be called a suspect.”

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Agents searched Flores’ residence and seized 40 grams of synthetic marijuana, approximately eight grams of cocaine, approximately 100 pills in a pillbox-like container, and drug paraphernalia. According to sheriff officials, Flores was arrested in the 1990s for narcotics.

Flores was taken to county jail and charged with two counts of manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance.

Well, looks like grandma didn’t want to spend her days eating applesauce and watching reruns of Mash and instead chose to live life on the edge.

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