Using A Confetti Cannon On Your Dad Is A Quick Way To Give Him A Heart Attack

Photo: Chris Polk/FilmMagic (Getty)

I recall one time when my mom and sister decided to take my dad to Golden Corral for his birthday because at the time we thought that was a good place to eat. Not only do I now realize how awful that place is, but I also realize that my dad is not a fan of having a bunch of employees sing him “Happy Birthday.” So I feel like following him around and “surprising” him by shooting a confetti cannon at him wouldn’t be something he would be pleased with. But that’s exactly what Kylie Moy did to her poor dad.

For two weeks, Moy simply followed her dad around and continued to shoot a cannon filled with confetti at him. And every single time Moy’s dad jumps and swears at her. Check out the video below to see this foul-mouth pops.

The only issue we have with this is that Moy decided to fire this cannon at her dad while he was using a knife, cooking, walking down the stairs and other situations where he could have seriously injured himself. Or you know, she could have given him a heart attack. That would have been the awkward eulogy.

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