Pornhub Looks Very Different Today

Pornhub has celebrated April Fools Day by making a pretty drastic change to its homepage, replacing its typical array of sexual images with photos of delicious corn.

Cornhub, as it is known today, has replaced blow jobs with corn on the cobs, and sweet porn with sweetcorn. The tantalizing videos featured on the site include ‘Hot young corn gets plowed’ and ‘First time kernel popping,’ though if you are reading this and thinking “Hey, that’s my fetish!” then prepare to be bitterly disappointed, as clicking the thumbnails unfortunately takes you to the regular ol’ porn site.

The April Fools Day prank was likely inspired by a photo posted to Reddit last year of an interesting booth at a festival:

Though Cornhub represents the one time that you could log onto Pornhub at work and potentially not get fired, clicking anywhere on the page will redirect you to the regular site, so it’s heavily advisable that you don’t take a look for yourself.