Watch Of The Week | Victorinox I.N.O.X. Paracord

#ICMYI, the Victorinox I.N.O.X. Paracord is as robust as watches come. The I.N.O.X. Paracord was created to pay homage to Victorinox Swiss Army’s 130 years of watchmaking, and does with its near indestructible stainless steel case and its rather military band made of nylon cord used by the American Army. Both features give it both extreme functionality and a grand sense of masculine style.

Given that a lot of men see fashion as a dirty word, here’s a pairing of a stylish timepiece with a very manly wrist band. The bracelet can support up to 200 kg of pressure (some argue 250 kg!), so while you may be quick to treat your collection of luxury watches tenderly, here’s an addition to your set that is ready to be taken into the jungle…literally.

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Originally rendered for NASA, the I.N.O.X. Paracord is for both the rugged outdoors adventurer and the guy who just plays the part on TV. Here’s the stats: a military green 43mm watch face compliments silver minute and hour hands. It comes with a quartz movement, anti-reflection sapphire crystal, date, military time and an end of life indicator. It’s also water resistant up to 200 meters, meaning you could probably plunge over the side of Niagara Falls and your I.N.O.X. will emerge unscathed. You, not so much.

Images courtesy of Victorinox.


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