Watch Of The Week | Tissot Quickster Football

The stainless steel watch with a nylon band (the NATO look) is all the rage at the moment. Having planted its stake in the ground and weathered more than one trade and fashion show, from Switzerland’s Baselworld to Milan Fashion Week, it’s become the go-to look for designer labels.

Traditional steel bands and all gold everything can be way too bling, so the understated look has become quite the reference for everything from smart watches to military timepieces. So it should be no surprise that this week’s watch of the week falls into that category. Lads, take a gander at the Tissot Quickster Football watch (or the Quickster Soccer for our under-traveled American readership). Robust and refined, rugged and renaissance, this watch has been spotted on the wrists of a who’s who of sports elite.

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Why is it a stud of a watch? It comes with a variation of colors for its rubber strap, a stainless steel case, and sapphire crystal. That being said, it’s built for speed and a rough time on the field, should you decide to take it out for a test run with your soccer buddies. Originally conceived for the 2014 World Cup, the watch has transcended the excitement of the championship games that have come and gone and now taken on a life all of its own. Variations include a lemon-colored band with a green bezel or a black-on-black motif.

Water resistant up to 100 meters, with chronograph and date functions, this is the Tissot Quickster Football is the sporty watch you’ve been looking for. No fancy email notifications. No bizarre emoticons or icons emblazoned on your wrist. Just a simple return to form for Tissot with this one, whose brand M.O. is to push pros and amateurs alike to take both their “speed and emotion” to the next level of performance.

While the larger Tissot Sport collection is hit or miss with some watches much more brazen than bold, the Quickster is definitely a hit. When Tissot gets it right, they really get it right. The black-on-black version is perfectly understated for those suit and tie occasions. And for the times you strap on your helmet and bike the Badlands, this is what a real fitness watch looks like.

Old school chronograph, traditional Swiss fabrication, robust mechanics, and classy overall appearance make it as versatile as you’re going to get when choosing something to put on your wrist. Add a retail price of about $450, and you’ve got one of the best watches for under $500.

Images courtesy of Tissot.



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