Watch Of The Week | Alfred Dunhill Classic Crushed Black Diamond Watch

Dunhill has imagined everything for the man who imagines himself to be elegant. Their Autumn/Winter 2016 lookbook is filled with suits made sur mésure, pens that gleam with embedded crystals, and soft leather suitcases and valises ready made to accompany you on business. So why not luxury watches that do more than tell time? To that end, the fine folks at Dunhill have designed timepieces that will keep you looking sharp and refined.

Case in point: the Alfred Dunhill Classic Crushed Black Diamond Watch is nothing short of a stunner for your wrist, your wardrobe, your reputation, and your overall image. Its a throwback watch to another era – an understated, chic and elegant piece of fashion to rock on your wrist. The black dial features crushed diamonds in lacquer that are neither too bling nor too much of a dud. So while they won’t turn heads for the wrong reason, they won’t go unnoticed either. The movement is courtesy of Jaeger-leCoultre, a Swiss expert on the fine art of haute horology (the science of keeping time) since the 19th century.

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Your strap is classic tradition as well: black alligator, meticulously rendered with a slender finesse. Here you’ll have the subtlety of rich texture and universal appeal. Not too bulky, not too extroverted, the strap makes the watch suitable for any kind of dress and occasion.

But don’t relegate this watch to only those stuffy tuxedo galas. It deserves to be taken out on the town, into the board meeting or on that breakneck road trip you and a lover spontaneously take over the weekend. Here’s the thing, the watch is a signature piece for the Alfred Dunhill brand, retails at $7000, and can only be purchased through their personal shopper service. Needless to say, it will get you the respect you always knew you deserved. 



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