Vision Quest | Nectar Sunglasses

Nectar Sunglasses was founded by friends who shared a fondness for sunshine filled past times like skating and surfing. When you’re hanging in the great outdoors, you need just a few things: sunscreen and sunglasses. With that active lifestyle, there’s a good thing to keep in mind: those expensive shades are better suited for your glovebox, rather than on your mug when you’re flying down a down the rock-lined, concrete paved path on a cruiser board. 

Nectar Sunglasses creates super stylish sunnies that are super affordable. And with this company, you’re not just limited to a few styles – instead you can pick up a pair, or pairs, that are perfect for your face shape. With smaller coverage, and round lenses, the Southside is a good fit on heart shaped faces. Have a wider dome? The lightweight Clutch would be a fit for you. 

Find your perfect pair right here, and add a few to the cart. Priced starting at just $20, you should pick up a couple in case of emergency (or summer.)

Images courtesy of Nectar Sunglasses.

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