Eyewear Tips From Acclaimed Designer Patty Perreira

Photo:  Rachael Smith / EyeEm (Getty Images).

Purchasing the right glasses is one thing, taking care of them is another, and no one knows more about both arduous tasks than Patty Perreira of Barton Perreira, who has been designing eyewear for over 30 years.


Patty Perreira of Barton Perreira.

Perreira started at the retail level for Oliver Peoples, working her way up into design until eventually reigning at the brand for over 18 years. The designer founded her eponymous brand with Bill Barton in 2008 and has since become the best seller in Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and other top retailers around the world.

In other words, Perreira is the perfect person to ask for advice when it comes to shopping for new shades, future trends, and maintenance tips. Style editor Michelle Griesman caught up with Perreira for expert-level recommendations and eyewear tips.

Crave: I love wearing sunglasses but I’m blind as a bat. Are there any transitions options that double as both prescription specs and sunnies that don’t look like they belong on my grandfather?


Shulman Optical Frames With Clip-On by Barton Perreira.

Patty Perreira: Transition lenses are now available in many colors. They have come a long way since the dull brown and grey lenses your Grandfather wore. Barton Perreira also has many optical styles that are available with sunglass clip-ons.  These are great options for people who want an optical frame that doubles as a sunglass.

What’s the safest way to travel with my sunglasses? I always keep them in the front pocket of my backpack, but underneath an airplane seat, I feel like they’re in a prime spot to be smooshed. 

Most quality sunglass brands come with a hard protective sunglass case.  I suggest keeping your sunglasses in their original eyeglass case.  I would also keep the case in the body of your bag for added protection.

What face shape is best for flat front sunglasses, versus ones with some curve? I really like Aviators but the ones I see always are more form fitted and I don’t think they’re flattering. 

Any face shape can wear flat lenses.  It is really a matter of personal preference.

Mirrored glasses seem to be having quite a moment. Should I get on-board with the trend or wait until it passes? 

Rather than go full mirror, you may want to opt for a gradient flash mirror.  It is slightly more subtle, but still has a light mirror affect.  Another sunglass trend happening at the moment are medium density sun lenses in jewel tone colors like amber yellow, jade green, aqua blue, etc… I personally really like this look.

The wayfarer is a timeless classic. What is a newer silhouette that promises to look good today, and continue to look good in the future? 

The Lafayette by Barton Perreira.

The Lafayette by Barton Perreira.

I love a great Navigator Shape.  It is a squarish version of an aviator.  The Barton Perreira Lafayette and Volair sunglasses are both excellent examples of this timeless classic shape.

What is the average lifespan of a pair of sunglasses? I seem to break mine annually and need to repurchase – is that typical or am I just clumsy? 

It really depends on the quality of the frame.  A great quality sunglass can last for years if you take care of them.

Images courtesy of Barton Perreira.