Vision Quest | Advanced Lenses for Screen-Addled Eyes

While some people feel the effects of looking at a computer screen for too long (by way of eye irritation, itchiness or headaches), the reality is that it does affect all of us, but fortunately there is something we can do. The negative impact of looking at screens all day happens because the screens are backlit, and emit high-energy visible light (or HEV light.) Now available are glasses that have an innovative lens coating to shield eyes from HEV. The change in the lens is barely detectable, (usually these glasses will have a subtle blue hue to them), and you can wear them all day, just rotate them in after staring at a screen for hours at work, or reserve them for that entertainment-screen viewing that happens later in the day.

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Sometimes with new technology, you can lose a little something in the style sector (Google Glass anyone?) but there are exceptions. Eyebuy Direct has the most comprehensive line up of specs that can totally integrate with digital screen protection lenses. The tech is available from EBD Blue and Eyezen by Essilor, and you can add this feature to literally hundreds of frames. Even better, the advanced lenses are completely affordable, so even if you have perfect vision, you may want to integrate a pair for your eye health anyway.

All images courtesy of Eyebuy Direct. 


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