Vision Quest | SportRx: Optical Glasses for an Active Lifestyle

SportRx is for those of us without 20/20 sight. Porting over your prescription into your favorite brand of glasses or sunglasses has been a thing for quite some time. But when we get into the wild world of sports, where frames have to stand up to much more than just casual day-to-day wear, things change.

Especially underwhelming has been the world of snowboarding goggles. Your options are to either throw in your contacts (if you have them) for a day of the slopes, ending up with incredibly dry, wind-burn eyes, or wearing your glasses, with a clunky fit, under your off-the-shelf goggles. Things are changing.

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SportRx are the makers of prescription goggles for skiing and snowboarding, and much better yet, you don’t need to settle for some off-brand variation that will look like the not-so-cool kid on the block. Instead SportRx has paired with the best brands in athletics (like Anon, Oakley and Zeal), and eyewear (Ray-Ban, Von Zipper) to offer prescription goggles and glasses that are so well developed the person next to you would never know your frames are substantially different from theirs.

All images courtesy of SportRx.