2015 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Home

There’s an ugly, old holiday presents term that’s faded from use in this more progressive era: Cinderella Gift. The phrase referred to anything given to a woman that essentially made her chores easier. 

In other words, rather than give one’s wife or girlfriend jewelry or a new dress or a personal massager, a guy handed her a new vacuum cleaner or pressure cooker. Sure, such an item might prove an expensive holiday present, but the good lady in question might not consider receiving it much fun.

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The funny thing is — in these crazy, liberated, topsy-turvy times — we’ve come to a point when such Cinderella Gifts can actually work as a present for any guy living on his own. Such gifts for the home not only make his life easier, they can help him impress a lady or two in some instances.

I’ve personally unpacked, tried out and generally messed with every item in the following gallery. While some are simple, affordable handheld gizmos, others are more pricey appliances and even (in a couple indulgent cases) outright kitchen toys.

The bottom line is any guy would get some solid use out of everything you’ll find below in this quick overview of gifts for the home.