Give the Last-Minute Gift of Endless (But Not Mindless) Entertainment

As this year comes to a close, we look back on all the things that made us happy. And, while testing out TikTok trends for the umpteenth was, uh, time-consuming, we know the list of truly invigorating things 2020 had to offer is extremely short. You know what list isn’t short? The list of people you still need to buy gifts for. Looks like you’re SOL on shipping in time, so give the digital gift of endless entertainment that is invigorating. The CuriosityStream HD Plan Lifetime Subscription is exactly what they need to kickstart a “new year, new you” vibe while still remaining firmly on the couch with whatever incredibly disgusting snack they’re into. Or you could give up on that gift-giving thing entirely and just buy it for yourself.

CuriosityStream is an unlimited HD streaming service and number one spot for the dopest docs. Whether you’re a nature nut, history buff, or science geek, CuriosityStream has something interactive and thought-provoking to get into instead of spending time scrolling through the real-time hellscape that is your social media feed.

Not ready to sit down for that David Attenborough thriller about what lies beneath? No sweat. Download shows so you can watch anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. The best part? You’ll get new content added to your screen weekly, so you can continue to find fresh material and be forever captivated. We think that sounds so much better than watching the entirety of that unconventional workplace sitcom for the millionth time.

PCMag gave CuriosityStream 4/5 stars and the Apple Store and Google Play gave it an almost perfect rating. See what you’re missing before the new year hits and you’re guilted into using your free time to exercise, meal prep, and figure out a budget.

The CuriosityStream HD Plan Lifetime Subscription hooks you up with a nearly unlimited number of documentaries, shorts, and shows and usually runs for $250, but it can be yours for $149.99, a 40% discount. That’s a sweet price for a killer last-minute gift of flix.

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