Iraq Plans World’s Tallest Building

Despite years of war, political corruption and a seemingly uncontrollable wave of terrorism that has fundamentally destabilized the region, innovative London and Baghdad-based design firm AMBS Architects from proposing a 1,152 meter tall skyscraper to be erected in the Basra province. Should the plans come to fruition, The Bride, as the building will be known, will be the world’s largest building, complete with a 188 meter antenna sitting at the top.

For the moment, the honor of world’s tallest building rests with Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, clocking in at 830 meters. And Saudi Arabia plans a skyscraper for Jeddah called The Kingdom Tower. But neither will come close to Iraq’s truly ambitious “Bride Of The Gulf” in terms of height, or innovation.

As for going green, the building will be a net zero structure, which means it produces the energy it consumes, therein remaining self-contained. While no date is set for breaking ground, the plans have already gotten tongues wagging and heads turning.