The Best Limited Edition Sneakers of All Time

To continue our sneaker-buying journey, it’s time to look at some of the best limited edition sneakers ever released. These sneakers are everything that sneaker heads love, but also manage to be all of the things that drive us crazy. They’re rare, they’re timeless, and they’re a great addition to any collection.

But, they’re also expensive, super hard to find, and often they’re in less-than-perfect condition.

In short, they’re the sneaker-buying equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack.

Here are just a few to keep your eyes out for.

Best Limited Edition Sneakers

Nike Air Foamposite


These sneakers will set you back $1,500 or so if you can find them from someone that knows shoes. Or, you could get lucky enough to find them at a garage or estate sale that thinks they’re just “old shoes.” Either way, they’re rare, and extremely collectible.

The shoe itself came out in 1997, and featured a synthetically molded upper which was still rather rare at the time. Most of the value in the shoe comes from not only the rarity, but the look. The shoes are distinctive, and any self-respecting sneaker head will recognize the blue molded foam upper with the black and orange accents from a mile away.

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These shoes weren’t all that popular when they first dropped in 2006, but they’re a hot item amongst collectors now. You might remember Stephon Marbury’s foray into the signature sneaker market. His “Starbury” was aimed directly at low-income families like the household he grew up in. By offering the shoes as low as $15 (at select retailers), Marbury aimed to stop the madness of $150+ sneakers marketed with other NBA ballers names on them. Instead, he wanted to give his younger fans a stylish signature shoe for a price that was affordable to just about everyone.

Now, these shoes are rather difficult to find, and as such, the $15 price seems like something that collectors would dream about today.

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Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Paris”


These bad boys are nearly impossible to find. The “dunk city” series was limited to just 202 total and this amazing shoe features a beautifully patterned cloth upper with a retro-inspired red swoosh on the side. The artwork came from artist Barnard Buffer, a French painter, and these bold kicks will set you back $3,000 to $11,000 depending on the shape of the shoe and that’s if, if, you can find them.

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Adidas T-Mac 2


These shoes originally dropped in 2002 while Tracy McGrady graced the Orlando Magic with his presence. His stock at this time had never been higher, as it was pre-injury and when he still looked like a no-brainer hall of famer one day. McGrady may have deteriorated quickly in the following years, but the T-Mac 2 is still hall-of-fame worthy. This low-cut sneaker features a black leather upper, with a shiny toe and heel, as well as the black and blue of the Magic’s uniforms. These shoes are still hot, and if you can find them, it’s a worthy addition to your collection.

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