Best Restaurants in Austin, Texas

The best restaurants in Austin most definitely exemplify the city’s motto: “Keep Austin Weird.” But it’s a good weird – with dining options that attract foodies from around the globe with unique and flavorful dishes.

Regardless of your taste, Austin has the goods. Texas may be best known for barbecued delights, but the city of Austin has a vast and expanding culinary atmosphere that offers plenty to please your palate. Read on to learn about four of the best restaurants in Austin, Texas:


Uchi Sushi Restaurant Austin Texas

Photo: Yelp

Tourists and locals agree that Uchi is the hands down the best sushi experience in Texas. The restaurant fuses traditional Japanese sushi with modern North American variations, giving patrons plenty of flavorful options. Whether you want to start a rousing night of high-class debauchery, celebrate an anniversary or have a business dinner, Uchi will deliver.

Franklin Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue Austin Texas

Photo: Yelp

When you’re in Austin, chances are you want a taste of real America, and that means true American cuisine — barbecue. If your palate craves a traditional Texan dish, or you want a solid “deep-country meat and potatoes” home-style cooking, you have to visit Franklin Barbecue. The portions are Texas-style huge, so know this isn’t the place to go if you’re counting calories, and you definitely won’t want to hit the gym afterward.

Franklin Barbecue Line

Photo: Yelp

This is a place to feast on flavor-packed sauces atop quality, tender meats. It’s the place for taste and spice – so come hungry, and be prepared for a Texas-strong dining experience with up to a 5 hour wait.

Truluck’s Seafood

Trulucks Seafood

Photo: Yelp

Austin may not be known for its seafood, but the city actually sits relatively close to the shoreline, making the city a low-key hub for some of the best seafood in America.

Truluck’s Seafood is the show pony that fits the bill when it comes to Austin seafood. You can take on the best fish in the world or local favorites that are caught right off the near coast and delivered fresh to the restaurant. The cuts are also quite big, so bring your appetite.



Photo: Yelp

Everything is bigger in Texas – and the pizzas are no exception. Not only are the pies larger in size, but they pack a mean punch of flavor. There is nothing quite like putting an Austin, Texas attitude into a pie, and no one does it better than Pieous.

Pieous Menu

Photo: Yelp

Pieous is extravagance in the form of a pizza. Go nuts when it comes to your toppings; they know how to improvise here, and they encourage people to be creative when making their pies. If you cannot think of anything, don’t worry – because the cooks have plenty of unique choices ready to tame your palate.

No matter what kind of food you’re after, Austin has a venue that fits the bill. The diversity of cuisine and flavors is what attracts many people to the city in the first place. And if you really want to sample the Austin culinary experience, make sure you keep your ear to the street – because you never know when a new hotspot will pop up for your eating pleasure!