Watch Of The Week | Eone Bradley

Eone has outdone themselves with their innovative design of the Eone Bradley watch. The minimalist design is sleek and the epitome of cool but it takes it one step further – the Bradley timepiece is designed with the visually impaired in mind.

In 2011 ex-Naval officer, Brad Snyder lost his eyesight after an explosion in Afghanistan. Not willing to let it hold him back, Brad competed in the Paralympics the next year. His determination and hard work earned him two Gold medals and one Silver medal.

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Inspired by Brad, Hyongsoom Kim of Eone designed a timepiece that allows you to autonomously check the time with discretion while simultaneously sporting a fashionable accessory. There’s no need to read braille or a loudspeaker to announce the time to the entire room – just a simple design that looks good.

The stylish watch bridges the gap between aesthetic and function. Combining matte and polished finishes, the watch features a round face with raised markers for tactile perception. The “12” marker at the top is indicated by a triangle, while the “3”, “6”, and “9” feature longer markers for increased readability.

The watch uses ball bearings to provide a time reading. On the face of the watch, one ball bearing reads the minute and on the case you’ll find another to read the hour. The pieces move using internal magnets that form a firm but giving bond. Should the ball become dislodged from the magnet, simply flick your wrist to reestablish the connection.

You don’t have to be blind to appreciate this watch in all of its glory. The timepiece also serves to allow anyone to check the time discretely, making it ideal during social interactions like a job interview or dinner with the in-laws where checking the time could be construed as rude. Simply reach across with your alternate hand under the confines of the table and you’ll have a chronological update without alerting the other party.

The watch is a great piece and functions as a wearable work of art. Prices range from $275-$315 depending on your aesthetic choices, which include options like a canvas or stainless steel mesh band or a matte black finish. This Eone Bradley watch is definitely one of the best men’s watches under $500.

 Images courtesy of Eone.



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