The Best Men’s Watches for Under $500

Watches come in all shapes and sizes attached to all sorts of price tags. Luckily for readers we decided to do some research as to the best men’s watches for under $500. The most web-respected watches from 11 price categories are listed below:

Best Men’s Watches for Under $500

$30.00-50.00 range: Timex Weekender

A no-nonsense black-on-white clock face, black hour and minute hands, and a red second hand sits in a stainless steel case complete with a NATO-style strap. If telling time reliably is the goal and nothing more, look no further.

$50.01-$75.00 range: Komono Winston Print Bumblebee

Thin hands rotate above a center-outward brushed steel face with small but easy to see numbers. The signature feature of this Komono offering is the greenish-gray fabric band with a white bumblebee pattern and brown leather lining.

$75.01-$100.00 range: MVMT Black/Black

Black-on-black with the exception of a red second hand and the red letters of the brand logo on the clockface. Maybe a little too dark for some but others will consider its minimalism attractive.

$100.01-$150.00 range: Heritor Kinser

Bold roman numerals, rose gold casing, and elegantly placed date dials set into the face are the key features of this watch. The standard band is embossed black faux-croc print contrasting perfectly with the bold numerals and outlines of the dials.

$150.01-$200.00 range: Seiko Solar Dive

A proverbial diver’s watch in so many ways: the stainless steel link band, blue and black color scheme, and of course the diver’s bezel. Even if the wearer isn’t planning on exploring the ocean deep anytime soon this watch is sure to function as a fashionable component to just about any outfit.

$200.01-$250.00 range: Bulova for J. Crew Air Warden

The first thing you notice about this watch are the lime green numbers against the white clock face. It was a risky design choice but succeeds with much credit going to the complementing green canvas band and outlined hour and minute hands.

$250.01-$300.00 range: Seiko SSC013

The second Seiko to make the list, this one has all the markings of a pilot’s watch. The display is undoubtedly seemingly complex, but like most functional watches this one only gets confusing if you’re able to make sense of the data measures in the first place. Otherwise it’s a classic model with a good reputation at a relatively fair price.

$300.01-$350.00 range: Jack Spade Stillwell

Back to simplicity. The cream-colored clock face looks great with the brown leather band. Only three numbers are printed on the face: 12, six, and nine.  In the place of three is the rolling date. The red-tipped second hand is a subtle dose of color, livening up what would otherwise be a boring design overall.

$350.01-$400.00 range: Uniform Wares M37

Watches don’t get any more minimal than this. No letters, no numbers, no logos. The only words visible are the very tiny “Swiss Made” on either side of the line representing 6 o-clock.

$400.01-$450.00 range: Void V03C

Time is broken down in seconds, not minutes and hours, on this futuristic-looking watch (as futuristic as archaic technology can get anyway). Another black-on-black design accented by a red second hand. What can we say – it’s a good look.

$450.01-$500.00 range: Shinola Runwell

Detroit-made, this watch has some of the best looking number type seen in a while, in terms of visibility and harmony with the surrounding design. It might not look like a borderline-$500 watch, but it’s the kind of timepiece people pass down through the generations (think Pulp Fiction – without thinking about it too much…)

Let this list be a point proven: there’s a quality, good-looking watch in virtually every man’s price range. He just needs to know where to look to find the best men’s watches for under $500.

Tell us what you think are the best men’s watches for under $500 in the comment section below.