It’s Time For You to Get a New Watch With the Rotate® DIY Watchmaking Kit

It’s totally fine to get your hands dirty every once in a while, and you may be the type of guy to have permanently dingy paws, but sometimes you really have to show up and clean up in order to make a good impression. That’s why you need a sharp-looking watch to make people believe you have your crap together (even if you really don’t). But why sacrifice your need to create in the process of serving classy looks? Insert this Rotate® DIY Watchmaking Kit to get the best of both worlds.

Ready to tinker? Here’s what you get with the Rotate® DIY Watchmaking Kit: Not just an ordinary watch kit, this all-in-one kit is ready for you to build your own sleek, debonaire mechanical watch for any professional occasion. Everything you need is right there–from all of the parts to the manual and tools, you’ll have all the right stuff just in time for going back to work and impress the boss (we’ll be making many clock jokes here, bear with us).

Founded by watchmakers and artisans that know a thing or two about ticking and tocking, You’ll be handling The Edison model, which is a classic black and white design with no frills. It’s perfect for any occasion, from drinks with your buds on a Friday night to that black-tie-optional wedding you have on the books next month that you’re dreading but may now suck a little less thanks to this timepiece (Sorry Tom from accounting, but no one really likes you enough to spend a small fortune off your Bloomingdales registry). The straps are made of swanky suede leather for ultimate comfort, while the face measures 44mm and is encased in sapphire glass so you never have to squint to figure out when you’re making your Irish exit for that aforementioned wedding.

Still not sold? Just ask the 479 backers that pledged $91,840 on Kickstarter for their opinion on this kit. I’m sure they have the time to give you the rundown (we’re full of clock puns and jokes today).

See what The New York Times, Gadget Flow, and Geeky Gadgets are all ranting and raving about. Get the Rotate® DIY Watchmaking Kit for $149.99 (Reg. $195).

Prices subject to change.