How to Cuff Your Jeans: The Do’s and Don’ts of Cuffing Jeans

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Cuffing your jeans is all the rage these days, and as such, it’s important that you understand a few essential do’s and don’ts of the style. If you want to remain fashionable, and not end up looking like a toddler with pants that don’t fit, now is the time to learn how to cuff your jeans.

Pay attention, men.

How to Cuff Your Jeans

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Do: Wear Nice Shoes or Sneakers

When you roll your pant legs up into a cuff, you’re exposing an item that some men ignore completely; their shoes. Since the point of this is to expose a bit of skin for some additional summer cooling effects, just remember that the shoes you’re wearing become a lot more noticeable, to everyone. As such, don’t consider doing this without a clean and fashionable pair of sneakers, or loafers. Leave your trusty New Balance running shoes at home.

Don’t: Wear Pants That Are Too Short or Too Long

Pants that are too short start to take on the look of a pair of capris when cuffed. Those that are too long still sit at the top of the shoe even with the cuff, which ultimately leaves you looking like the aforementioned toddler with pants too big. Select a pant length that fits you before considering the cuff.

Do: Keep the Socks Low – Or Off

Socks are unsightly. If you must rock a pair of socks, keep them low, as in, below the ankle. In fact, invisible socks, such as those that reside below the sneaker line, make the user look as if he isn’t wearing socks at all, and these are the best. Or, you can just skip the socks altogether.

Don’t: Cuff Them Too Tight

A tight cuff is not only uncomfortable, but unsightly. The tops of the pants start to look baggy with a tight cuff at the bottom, which makes many think back to MC Hammer and his god-awful parachute pants of the 90s. On the same note, a loose cuff is going to require constant maintenance, as in re-cuffing often. Find the balance.

Do: Wear The Right Type of Pants

While jeans are the most common types of pants to cuff, you can also cuff others, such as chinos. Avoid slacks and even dressier jeans for the casual comfort of jeans and chinos when attempting to sport the cuff.

Don’t: Cuff Your Jeans In the Winter

Remember, the style started as a relief for men from summer heat. Rocking the cuff in the winter is the equivalent of wearing sunglasses in a dark nightclub. Don’t be that guy.

Do: Learn How to Cuff Your Jeans Properly

An improperly cuffed pant looks sloppy. Learn how to cuff your jeans the right way and practice at home until you’ve perfected this simple technique. There are several styles and techniques so find one that you’re comfortable with, and practice, practice, practice.


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