Home For The Holidays | What To Wear

If you’re anything like us, thinking about packing and dressing for holiday travel gives you just a teensy bit of anxiety. You want to look good, you want to impress your friends and family, and you need to be warm. Oh, and you want to do it all with only a carry-on bag and a dream of homemade holiday treats to get you there.

We’ve got great news: It’s not only possible to live your best-dressed, crazy-comfortable dreams… It’s easy. Here at Style Girlfriend, we want guys to look and feel their best, no matter what the occasion (or how much turkey they might  in a single sitting).

We’ve partnered with our friends at Uniqlo to showcase a couple of stylish looks that will prepare you for whatever your vacation plans might bring your way. From traveling like a jet-setting gentleman (or at least looking like one) to wowing your family with an outfit that looks better than grandma’s cranberry sauce, we’ve got you covered (and cozy).


Travel in ultra-cozy layers.

Ultra Light Down vest, $49 | Uniqlo pile-lined sweatpants, $20 | Uniqlo wool cap, $20 | Away luggage, $245 | Master & Dynamic wireless headphones, $449 | Uniqlo HEATTECH ribbed lined socks, $6 | Uniqlo HEATTECH t-shirt, $15 | Allbirds sneakers, $95 | Uniqlo ribbed sweater, $20

We’re big supporters of upping your game when it comes to travel style—’specially during the madness that is the holidays. The odds that you will a) run into someone you know at the airport or train station, or b) get stuck on the runway for hours and hours are super high, so why not be prepared?

The key to a perfect cold weather travel ensemble is layering. Temperatures are always fluctuating between the airport and plane cabin (or the train platform and train car, depending on how far you’re going). Plus, there’s a lot of standing around in long lines, and almost a 100% chance you’ll end up running through the terminal Home Alone-style just praying you make your connection.

Our perfect formula starts with a super-soft Uniqlo HEATTECH t-shirt—a handy piece of apparel that helps 1) regulate your body temperature, thanks to tiny air pockets with ultra-thin micro fibers, which help trap and retain heat, 2) wicks moisture, and 3) minimizes odor.

Next, layer on a stylish (read: not plain) sweater and Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down vest. Don’t worry, it won’t bulk up your look as it’s made from—you guessed it—super lightweight down and durable nylon, which (bonus!) can easily be stuffed and stored in-flight.

Next, throw on a pair of slim sweatpants (these ones are lined with fuzzy fleece!) that look polished enough for flirting at the airport bar and are comfortable enough for a cross-country flight. Finally, wireless over-ear headphones will ensure you don’t have to pause your favorite podcast to untangle cords and bags when finding your seat, and this carry-on bag has a USB charging dock to ensure you’re powered up, no matter what.


Dress up for dinner, the hometown bars + beyond.

Uniqlo fairisle socks, $6 | Anatomic + Co Chelsea boots, $180 | Uniqlo HEATTECH scarf, $15 | Uniqlo HEATTECH gloves, $15 | Uniqlo HEATTECH jeans, $50 | Uniqlo flannel shirt, $20 | MVMT watch, $120 | Uniqlo down bomber jacket, $60

The holidays, along with being a month-and-a-half-long stretch of total dietary indulgence and relaxation, is also a busy social occasion. The Wednesday night before Turkey Day you might be out catching up with hometown friends; Christmas Eve may see you house-hopping to see your buddy’s parents who always drove you to soccer practice back in the day. The only downside? It’s also usually freezing cold out if you live anywhere but sunny SoCal.

Fear not—you can stay warm no matter what the holidays have in store…all without looking like the Michelin Man. Start with Uniqlo’s HEATTECH jeans—they’re made from high-quality, bio-warming fabric, plus their slim and tapered cut helps keep heat in, too. A flannel shirt will also help keep you toasty warm; we like this low-key festive wine-hued number. Also low-key festive? Fair Isle socks. Finally, layer up in an Ultra Light Down bomber jacket that’s both on-trend and utilitarian, with a beanie, gloves and patterned scarf to tie it all together.

Now that we’ve got your holiday travel style sorted, we’ll leave you with one last piece of advice: Don’t show up empty-handed! Treat your host to something every guest can enjoy, like a jug of apple cider from the farmer’s market, a curated playlist to set the mood…or a pair of those Fair Isle socks for every member of the family. (Just an idea!)