Crispy Green Keeps Summer Athletes Moving


For any active man or weekend athlete, there are different ways to keep the blood sugar up and the body energized. There are always candy bars for a quick, cheap bounce. Sports and energy drinks can do the same, but they’re also loaded with sugar and some hardcore stimulants.

The folks at Crispy Green offer up their little packets of dried fruit to offer a healthier option for those active men who want to keep moving without stopping in their tracks and without putting too much refined foods into their buddies 

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Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of dried fruit. I don’t seek it out in health food stores — preferring the fresh variety. But, for the athlete, carrying that option around has its problems. Fruit bruises. It rips. It rots. It loses its peal and its appeal. Pun intended. 

Crispy Green freeze dries apples, bananas, tangerines, pineapple, etc., in what amounts essentially to fruit chips — forgoing the chewier variety of dried fruit that’s aged without the freeze drying process. The air tight packages are easy to transport, and they make for a pleasant en0ugh snack. More importantly, you can keep them in your gym back, your golf bag or even your travel (for long flights) and they can juice you up sans juice — make for a healthier option than most of the re-energizing snacks you might find on the convenience floor shelves.

Crispy Green is available in most convenience stores, health stores and even in airport shops, retailing for about $1.29 a pouch.