Custom Vans: Plain White Shoes Suddenly Seem Dull

Plain white sneakers make a statement. And when you look down at the dirt stained, scuffed up pair on your feet, these brand new white ones probably look pretty enticing. But with Vans new customizable platform – plain white will never look so boring.

Vans custom-made footwear is now available for 7 styles. Which means no matter what your preferred version of the brand, you can now make them uniquely your own. Head over to the site, and start by picking your blank canvas. Next up, you have over 40 fabrics to choose from and place as you’d like. Toggle from different sections of the shoe, and assign your picks. The power of the customization tool gets better, giving you five different views of your custom sneakers. 

What happens if you don’t have the desire (or time) to design? All the iterations created by folks not like you are saved in the system. Pick up where they left off or just add to cart. Delivery takes about 7-9 weeks, but just remember when someone asks where you got your footwear, you made them.

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