Australian Beer Consumption Is At A 68-Year Low

We may judge Australian prime ministers (see Tony Abbott and Bob Hawke) on how quickly they can chug down a beer, but it seems Australians are turning away from the golden hued liquid.

According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Aussies only consumed an average of 92.4 litres of beer each over 2013-14, as compared to the 193 litres per person per year recorded in the early 1970s.

It may come as a shock to many, given that our nation has spawned anthems such us The Pub With No Beer, but it’s not only Australian beer consumption which is down.

Wine, spirits and pre-mixed drinks have all suffered a fall. As Business Insider points out, wine is at an 8-year low while spirits are at a 13-year low.

Louise Gates from the ABS said, “Across all alcoholic beverages, there were 9.7 litres of pure alcohol available for consumption in 2013-14 for every person in Australia aged 15 years and over.”

“This is the lowest level since the early 1960’s.”

Despite the fall, beer still occupies the majority of all pure alcohol available for consumption at 41.3%. Wine is next at 37.5% with spirits trailing at 12.6%.

Aussies are going for beer with more alcohol content too. “Over the past decade we have seen the popularity of mid strength beer grow at the expense of low strength beer,” Gates said.

“Mid strength beer now makes up 19 per cent of all beer consumed in Australia, while low strength beer accounts for five per cent.”