GIV Mobile Cell Service Gives Back to Your Causes


A new mobile service on the market offers basic, but serviceable phones for next to free with pay as you go plans. That may not be big news with the plethora of cellphone operations up and running out there. But, GIV Mobile is looking for the more socially aware, conscience minded caller with a service that gives back to charity with each bill.

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GIV offers usage packages ranging in price from $20 to $65 to meet various data demands. All phones offered by GIV are Android-centric and, depending on the consumer’s wants, entry level phones are free with contract.

Regardless of what package the user chooses, 8% of the monthly bill gores to a charity of your choice. Potential donation destinations include such categories as Public Benefit, Arts, Culture and Humanities, Human Services, International Health, Environment, Education and Animals.

I had the opportunity to try out the service for 30 days with the use of a Blu smartphone unit. Since the unique element of the service is the charity element, the housekeeping element focused on the effectiveness of the wireless network. Your favorite charity would certainly appreciate GIV, but it’ll leave the buyer less than ecstatic if the network didn’t work.

 Overall map coverage (above) doesn’t match the big boys like AT&T or Verizon, so buyer beware. Make sure to check that map to make certain GIV Mobile works in your area — though it obviously kicks in around most major cities. (Sorry, Dakotas.)

If in a service area, the network works adequately. I experience no phone drops and could get online for basic functions with WIFI of via the GIV network. Service improves depending on the level of phone chosen to run with the network.

The selling point of GIV is its more socially aware, activist theme, and users looking to do a little good witth their cell service beyond merely yakking and paying their bills every month can give it a try without concern that it’ll let them down.