14 Bizarre Erotic eBooks You Won’t Believe Are Real

The internet has given every human being a voice, and while that doesn’t mean we don’t want at least some of you to shut up, usually we’re just thrilled that you now have a place to air out the strangest, kinkiest back rooms of your imagination. Case in point: eBooks, and specifically erotic eBooks.

Whereas in generations past it was necessary for aspiring authors to actually show someone else their work, get it proofread, and actually be told whether or not it was a good idea to share it with the world, nowadays anyone can publish any damned thing they want. And sometimes these online writings evolve from fan fiction into worldwide phenomenons that make scads of money at the box office. (coughFiftyShadesOfGreycough).


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If a novel that started out as a BDSM saga of Bella and Edward from Twilight can become a hit, why not other strange erotic novels? Why not the weird, bizarre, what the heck were they thinking erotic eBooks that now litter Amazon’s Kindle Store? The kinds that make our eyes bulge out with wonder, horror, and maybe just a little bit of unironic curiosity?

Because make no mistake, Rule 34 is real, and every unusual – and sometimes just baffling – idea for a pornographic story really has been told, in one form or another. It just blows our mind that some people bothered to tell these stories over the course of thousands of words, slap together some book covers, publish them online and presumably make a mint.

We’ve scoured the annals of the Amazon Kindle Store for the book titles and synopses that we couldn’t believe were real, until we actually started reading them. Granted, at least some of these are probably written with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but some of the others? We just have no clue, and we don’t think most of you will either.

We will never judge you, denizens of the internet. God bless all of your wonderful, weird and kinky minds. 


14 Bizarre Erotic eBooks You Won’t Believe Are Real


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