There Is Now A Cam Newton Erotic Novel Titled ‘Dabbin’ With Cam’

Odds are it features a happier ending than Super Bowl 50.

According to Black Sports Online, there is a lot that comes with being named the MVP of the NFL, and in 2016 that apparently means that an erotica novel starring you isn’t far behind.

Cam Newton Erotic Novel ‘Dabbin’ With Cam’

That’s right, kids. Somebody going by the brilliant name of Caroline Blue has released “Dabbin’ With Cam,” an erotic novel about a woman whose life is passing her by while she grinds away at her office job until she comes face to face with Cam Newton in the Carolina locker room.

All of him.

If the novel is anything like the book’s description on Amazon, it looks as though if you have 99 cents to spare, you’ll be in for a real treat:

Football’s a game of inches, but not in Cam’s case. Will Cam call an audible, and run an end around? Or will he find a new tight end? When there’s penetration in the backfield, this MVP knows you gotta stay focused or go deep.

Will he find a hole and slide it in the crease? Or will he have to stretch to get it in? Will he get if off in time?

Hey, I’ve spent 99 cents on far worse.

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