CES 2015: Panasonic Real Pro Ultra 3D Massage Chair Offers Everything But The Happy Ending

Between crowded hallways of backpack-toting journalists bumping you with every step, seizure-inducing flashing lights, speakers pumping music from live DJs and just general all-out chaos, the environment at any convention — especially one as massive as CES 2015 — is anything but relaxing. Which is why I jumped at the chance for a quick five-minute break to take a load off at Panasonic’s booth by sitting in one of their new redonkulously expensive massage chairs — the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra 3D Massage Chair.

Despite being in a rush, I ended up staying the full 16 minute session, and left feeling like a puddle of blissful mush. It was heaven.

Upon sitting down, you’ll want to strip off your shoes, pop off your wristwatch, and even take your iPhone out of our pocket — or risk being “one of the nine” affected by bendgate (funny how fast that went away). You’ll then sit back, slide your hands into the opening in the armrests, your feet into the foot holders, and… just relax. With the push of a button, the chair cycles through a number of massage types from deep tissue, Swedish massage, or you can target specific areas like your shoulders and neck, lumbar area, etc.

Quiet and relaxation — definitely not something usually see during CES.


This wasn’t an ordinary massage chair you find at Brookstone or at the mall, this thing felt capable of bending a 250 lb man in half backwards, completely stretching out your spine. While this started off borderline painful, the intensity eventually lead to relief — better than any $100+ hour-long massage will get you from a seasoned masseuse. All without the awkward erection.

One problem with these high-end massage chairs, is the fact they’re quite large — as large as your average recliner — so they take up a lot of space. But this one quite easily and quickly converted into a leather lazy-boy type armchair, allowing you to use it as a functional piece of furniture in your home theater room or home office. And a comfy one at that.

The other problem… the price. At $8,999.95, a happy ending after every massage should probably be included. But if you’ve got a load of money to blow, blow your load on this.

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