Cut the Caveman Act and Trim Up


You’re a respectable man. But when you take off your clothes and reveal ape-like body hair from brows to balls, you fall a few notches. Like, 10. So take a day and hack off some hair. Tackle your toes, tame your chest and pretty-up your pubes (yes, once in a while you should go there). You’ll feel cleaner, smoother and a little less, well, like a shaggy rug — if you follow these grooming tips.


Face the Facts

We trust you’ve gotten a hold of your unibrow by now. You have, right? But nose and ear hair is hard to see, which means everyone gets a glimpse of your stragglers before you. Do yourself a favor and just always assume you have a creepy black hair hanging out where it shouldn’t be. Buy a little grooming tool with a small head that can cut tiny hairs without pulling them … and then use it every couple weeks, even if there’s nothing visible at the moment. It’s a good idea to stay away from scissors in these areas – one slip can be messy.


Check the Chest and Arms

Unless you’re part of the WWE, there’s really no need to shave it all off. An important aspect of manscaping is somewhat coordinating the amount of facial fuzz with the rest of your body hair. If you sport a beard, you’re going to look silly with a bare chest. And if you roll with a face smooth as a baby’s bum, you’ll look like an ass with a rug poking out of your sleeves. Your best bet is to use a versatile clipper where you can choose a desired length and thickness. For the arms, you probably don’t need more than a little scissor trim (if anything at all). Simply comb the hair in the opposite direction of growth, and trim to your desired length with a small grooming scissors.



Smooth Your Set

Basically, buzz your balls. Clean the twins up with a disposable razor and a ton of sensitive-skin shaving cream. Testicle trimming is in no way a hair-raising activity providing you hold the skin taut and shave with tiny, slow strokes. The key is to find what works for you — we’re not here to judge and you certainly don’t need to look like you belong in a boy band. It’s just that you don’t want your girl retreating back into her shell the second she sees your nuts. That’s all.  


Wax the Back

If pulling out the sunscreen makes everyone scatter, it’s safe to assume you’re bustin’ too much back hair. Don’t go at this one alone. Call on a professional esthetician and order up a wax job. And while you’re at it, have your new lady tackle your butt cheeks. Remember, coordinating is key. Make sure you gently exfoliate for the next few days to ward off the chance of ingrown hairs, and slather on some pure Aloe vera after you shower. If you’re itchy or there’s inflammation, a little bit of hydrocortisone cream should do the trick. Waxing should last you about 8 weeks. When it comes to the back, think of it as taking one for the team. Or the whole world.