Giveaway: MMA Favorite Xyience Performance Swag Bag

The Xyience line of sports performance drinks and supplements is big on the UFC and general mixed martial arts maps. Their energy beverages, tablets and powders look to boost everything from muscle mass to fat burning ability to growth hormone levels. It’s serious science aimed primarily at fueling the one human body to kick the snot out of another one who isn’t Xyience savvy.

Even to those wannabe athletes not deeply into the UFC, it’s worth noting that Xyience is the first supplement developer to offer a no sugar, zero calorie energy drink. How the products put energy inside you without utilizing calories is wizard science stuff, and I studied the Humanities. I can’t help you there, and I can’t crack the mystery of exactly what’s in the special Swag Bag the fitness minded manufacturer is offering to the lucky winner of this giveaway. 

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All I can get out of Xyience HQ is that’ll include some mix of “Xyience Xenergy drinks, a t-shirt, a shaker cup, sample supplements, etc.” Bottom line? It’s the kind of pirate booty guaranteed to shave a little off of your own booty.

If you’re interested in the wonder of modern Xyience, we’ll include the giveaway entry instructions below. Once the winner is elected, Xyience will handle prize delivery and may or may not send Rhonda Rousey by to put your sister in an arm bar. No promises.

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