Sapporo Brings Multiple Flavors to Japanese Beer

While the major beers around the world hold on to market share as countless smaller batch breweries muscle into the business from the craft micro brew angle, Sapparo has been consistently chugging along and producing fine beer for the better part of 50 years.

With their international competition constantly issuing new variations and flavors o catch seasonal interests and passing fads, Sapporo managed to stick around all these years making three brews. Sapporo’s original signature silver canned Premium Beer joins Reserve Beer and Sapporo Light to make up the Japanese brewer’s line. That’s it. 

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The Sapporo Premium is a classic lager. If you haven’t tried Sapporo, and you’re expecting some exotic Far East blend of fermented rice and refined puffer fish poison, you’ll be disappointed. This is a proper, clean lager with a floral aroma and surprisingly little bitterness on the finish. The Light version is much like the Premium, though obviously lower in calories. The Light hangs onto enough of the necessary lager body to avoid slipping into Pilsner territory.

The Reserve is a little heavier and fuller, offering up a darker hue. It doesn’t quality as a stout and should still be served cold — like its lighter sisters.

Sapporo is available across the U.S. To keep American buyers entertained, the Sapporo website includes both recipes to pair with the beer and meals including Japan’s most famous brew as a prime ingredient.


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