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Johnnie Walker Debuts Paper Whiskey Bottle, Much Harder to Smash Over Your Head Now

Photo: Johnnie Walker

If there’s one thing we know about a well-made bottle of whiskey, especially single malt Scotch or blended Scotch whisky, it’s that it usually comes in a glass bottle. Definitely not a plastic bottle. We find that if you’re drinking whiskey or any spirit and you’re pouring it from a plastic bottle, you’re going to have one heck of a hangover because that’s some bottom-shelf swill.

But what if you poured it out of a bottle made from sustainable paper? Well, this means that you might be drinking one of the most highly-respected, beloved blended Scotch whiskies ever made while doing your part to help the environment.

In one of its sustainability initiatives, Johnnie Walker finally unveiled the paper-based bottle they’ve been teasing since last year. In what the company claims will “change spirits packaging forever,” the new bottle will be made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. It’s the brand’s first recycled, paper-based bottle, but it’s not the only paper bottle in the news.

Heinz, the makers of your favorite tomato-based condiment, released images of its prototype for a paper-based bottle of its own. So, you can say goodbye to the massively large plastic ketchup container and say hello to a paper bottle.

While we won’t know yet when either will be available and how long whisky and ketchup can stay in these bottles without breaking down, we’re fine with having a reason to drink more whisky and finish the bottle sooner and slather all of our food with ketchup.

A paper bottle seems like a win-win to us. We get to feel good about recycling paper bottles while enjoying the zesty tomato flavor of Heinz ketchup and the sweet, vanilla, candied orange peel, slightly smoky flavor of Johnnie Walker blended Scotch. It just makes us wonder what else will come in paper bottles in the coming years.


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