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Free IPA Beer For a Year If You Don’t Mind Having This Embarrassing Tattoo

Photo: Devils Backbone

We’ve all seen those commercials where “regular” people get asked what they would do for a Klondike bar. Usually, it’s something silly like getting one of their eyebrows shaved off (although we’d need much more than a Klondike bar to do that). Even if you love ice cream and chocolate, wouldn’t you just rather have a frosty, thirst-quenching beer instead? We know we would. How about a whole year of free IPA beer? What would you do for that? Would you get an embarrassing tattoo?

Photo: Devils Backbone

If so, you’ll be interested to hear that Virginia’s Devils Backbone Brewing is going to give tattoo enthusiasts free IPA beer for a year. The brewery teamed up with famous TikTok tattoo artist Jake Karamol who designed different tattoos to pay homage to the four different IPAs in the brewery’s Buck Tradition series.

Photo: Devils Backbone

It’s called the “Buck Tradition Tattoo Challenge” and if you want to get on board, you better hurry. That’s because, like with any contest, there are caveats. Only the first 100 people 21-year-old or older who get one of these tattoos from Karamol or their favorite tattoo artist before June 30 will be eligible for free Buck Tradition IPAs for a year.

So what do you say, beer fans? How much are free IPAs worth to you? Personally, we think we’d need to drink a year’s worth of beer first before we subjected ourselves to these ugly-ass tattoos.


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