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Nostalgia Alert: 6 Childhood Favorite Snacks Reimagined to Get You Hooked as an Adult

Photo: Deepak Sethi (Getty Images)

There are a lot of snacks, sweets, treats, and sugary drinks we enjoy as children that we just don’t care for as adults. Over the years, our palates (and tolerance for sweets) change and we tend to lean to more grown-up flavors. Still, there are still nostalgic flavors that we look back on fondly. And while we don’t want to eat or drink them often, we like to check in from time to time.

We’re talking about things like macaroni and cheese, sugary soda, flavored cereals, ice cream, and other treats. And while we can still enjoy some of these foods and drinks intermittently as adults, if they’re reimagined for adult palates (or filled with booze), we’re more likely to come back to them often. Keep scrolling to see six recently launched foods and beverages that absolutely can get us hooked again even as adults.


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