RANKED! The 10 Best Holiday and Christmas Cookies to Shove in Your Ho Ho Hole

If Thanksgiving is all about the pie, Christmas is definitely about the cookies. There are so many enticing varieties of the hand-held treat, it’s near impossible to choose which ones to chow down on every year. Since this is 2020, and we all deserve a bottomless cookie jar of sweet, sweet oblivion, we say: you don’t have to choose. You can eat them all. Besides, cookie exchanges are probably unsafe mid-pandemic anyway.

But since your stomach can only hold so much, how to decide which cookies to prioritize during your yuletide binge? We’re here to help, with a ranking of the 10 best holiday and christmas cookies to shove in your ho ho hole. So get baking, or go on a cookie shopping spree, because there’s plenty of time left to indulge this holiday season. Just make sure to save a few cookies for Santa.

Cover Photo: fcafotodigital (Getty Images)

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