The Worst Mask Ideas of the Year So Far

The seemingly unending COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to make day to day life pretty strange. But, after more than seven months, we’re now used to working from home and Zooming with our co-workers, standing 6 feet or more away from most people, and wearing face masks when we’re out in public. These things are just the “new normal” that most of us rarely think about. Although, we do think about one thing associated with the pandemic: what mask we’re going to wear.

When it comes to face masks, many of us opt for one color and call it a day. We wear it not as a fashion accessory, but as a way to keep ourselves and others safe from the virus. Others use this odd new piece of clothing to show their own unique style. And not all face masks are created equal. While they seem great in theory, they look pretty horrific when they’re on your face. Below you’ll find examples of some of the worst face masks of the year so far.

Photo: WIN-Initiative (Getty Images)

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