Deep Dive: Is It Cheating to Pay a Monthly Subscriptions to OnlyFans?

The twin disasters of coronavirus and Bella Thorne recently made OnlyFans go very viral. This boon in users is leading some to wonder if paying for content on the service is tantamount to cheating. Before we can examine this question, we have to talk a little about what OnlyFans actually is. The company bills itself as a social media platform that pays. Some consider it the next stage in personal porn or even online sex work. Others see a sad pseudosexual outlet for simp losers getting demonetized by sugarbabies.

While it’s true not all users post X-rated content, that definitely seems to be where the most money is. The site allows producers to charge for subscriptions as well as solicit “tips.” Fans can also request personalized content or even pay for online interactions. This is where the site seems to be a little more intimate than traditional internet porn. Today we’re deep-diving into whether OnlyFans is an online straycation, or just really sad.

Cover Image: Picture Alliance (Getty Images)

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