Get Blitzed: Kick Off Your Quarantine NFL Season With These Tempting Team-Inspired Beers For Fans

Photo: Tom Baker / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Because of everything going on in the world, you might not realize that the NFL season is set to begin in a few weeks. The season kicks off in primetime on Sept. 10 when the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs take on the Houston Texans. While it appears that fans likely won’t be in attendance this season, it shouldn’t stop you from tailgating in the privacy of your own yard while you root on your favorite team. And, as we all know, tailgating means beer.

Since we know you plan to imbibe a fair amount of the sudsy stuff this season, we figured we’d help you out. That’s why we made a list of our favorite NFL-themed beers to sip on during the likely very strange 2020 season. Check them all out below.

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