NFL Teams Offering Heavily Discounted Beer For Arriving Early

Photo: Joe Robbins / Contributor (Getty)
Football might be America’s most popular sport, but there’s no denying The Shield faces a murky future considering the number of problems the league is currently facing. From dwindling Pop Warner numbers to struggling attendance and sub-par viewership, NFL teams are on the brink of a crisis. So what’s the remedy? Alcohol, of course.

That’s correct, your favorite NFL teams are offering heavily discounted beer and food prices, depending on how early you can arrive at the game.

The Atlanta Falcons started the trend during the 2017 season when they began offering $5 beer prices on their Fan Friendly Menu with the Baltimore Ravens doing the same. Now, it appears as if more franchises are following in their footsteps. That includes the Detroit Lions, who’ve taken the discounts a step further by offering $3 beer prices, but there’s a catch.

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To get that discount, you’ll need to arrive within the first 60 minutes of the stadium gates opening, as the cheap prices are part of the Lions Power Hour, which will also include mixed drinks and $2 hot dogs and sodas. That’s a pretty significant savings over some teams, considering some teams (like the San Francisco 49ers) charge upwards of $10 or more per beer, while the NFL league average for a small beer is just under $8.

“These fan-friendly, value-added food and beverage options are another example of us taking feedback from fans and using it to improve our gameday experience,” Lions president Rod Wood said in a statement. “Over the past year, we have spent considerable time working with Levy to get something in place that makes sense for our fans without hurting the quality or speed of service. We’re thrilled to be able to introduce these value options in time for the 2018 season.”

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If you’re unable to make inside the stadium gates for the first hour or would simply prefer to tailgate, you’re not out of luck, as the Lions will serve $5 booze throughout the game. However, only special concession stands will offer the discounted beer, so prepare yourself to stand in a pretty long line if you feel like saving a little cash.

Or just save a bunch of money by staying home, drinking your own beer and avoid having to watch the dude next to you in the stadium bathroom rip the urinal off the wall.

The choice is yours.