Enough Is Enough: 12 Perfect Ways to Exit Your Friends’ Group Chat (Before It Gets Any Weirder)

Photo: FilippoBacci (Getty Images)

Everyone is adapting to time at home (or trying and failing miserably). You haven’t seen your friends in months, outside of Zoom happy hours, Skype sessions, and FaceTime chats. But enough is enough. We don’t want to be connected to the point that we have to watch each other clip our toenails and become fully aware of the wives’ menstrual cycles.

There comes a time where it’s vitality important to exit the friend group chat to save the friendship. And we must do it cleverly and before anyone can ask you why. Because putting it on silent just doesn’t work when there’s nothing to do. Now repeat after us: Group chat be gone! Then keep on reading on the best ways to cleverly exit your weirdly toxic and, frankly, disturbing group thread before somebody gets hurt (or it ends up on the web).

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