Mother's Day

RANKED! The Best Mother’s Day Deliveries to Send to Your Sweet Mom Since You Can’t See Her

Just because there’s a global coronavirus pandemic going on doesn’t mean you have an excuse to skip out on Mother’s Day. As long as the postal service perseveres and package deliveries continue, your mom expects to see a gift arrive on her doorstep on or before Sunday, May 10. Thankfully, online shopping has evolved to the point where dropping your gift off in person isn’t necessary to wow the woman who gave you life — though of course she’d prefer to see you face-to-face. (Sorry, Mom. Next year, we promise!)

We’ve rounded up and ranked the best Mother’s Day deliveries to send to your sweet mom since you can’t see her. Shop early because delivery times are longer than usual right now and you really don’t want to be late for mom’s big day.

Cover Photo: Candice Estep / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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